About Us

Hostpinger.com is a leading website which provides specialized cloud based monitoring and reporting services which includes:

  • Website monitoring
  • Server monitoring
  • Local host monitoring
  • Hardware Monitoring
  • Cloud monitoring

All these monitoring reports are available on our dashboard. Founded in 2013 by Mr Arran Greenhalgh in Melbourne, Australia, Hostpinger is dedicated to provide comprehensive monitoring solution for efficient administration of IT services. Our services have been carefully designed to facilitate speedy and efficient method of checking your website or server performance, local machine functionality as well as provide hardware host services at a very reasonable cost. At Hostpinger, we continuously strive to help you in ensuring proper functioning of your website, local machine and external hardware, there by boost revenue, protect your reputation and retain customer satisfaction.

We provide reliable monitoring solutions 24X7X365 days. With Hostpinger, we make sure that in the event of downtime or breakdown, you are the first to be informed. Hostpinger sends instant notification alerts and allows you to act quickly and rectify the problem. This way we strive to help an IT professional overcome the ever increasing complexities in their work life and allows them to focus on other important IT jobs.

We provide both free and paid versions. Come and experience the difference. For more details please visit our Pricing page.