Monitoring Services

We all know that downtime is a fact of life and it can destroy your credibility as well as waste your precious time. If your website goes down in the middle of customer’s business transaction, you will end up losing sales. Today’s competitive world requires IT services and infrastructure to perform consistently.

Hostpinger is a multidimensional cloud based product that provides comprehensive monitoring solutions to meet the challenges of 21st century IT management and administration. Whenever there is a breakdown, you will be alerted immediately through SMS, e-mail, phone call etc. We provide a broad spectrum of monitoring solutions which includes the following:

  • Cloud Host Monitoring
  • Local Host Monitoring
  • Hardware Host Monitoring

Cloud Host Monitoring

Hostpinger provides reliable website and server monitoring solution which strives to protect your business interest. We provide instant downtime alerts and uptime performance reports. Hostpinger is simple to use and is available at very reasonable cost. We provide both free and paid versions.

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Local Host Monitoring

Hostpinger monitors your IT infrastructure comprehensively which includes the following:

  • CPU Usage
  • Network Functionality- Internal Ping
  • Disk and Physical Memory Storage
  • Server and other Networking Devices
  • Internal Ping- Network functionality
  • Network Interface - LAN, Data card, Virtual Network etc.

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Hardware Host Monitoring

Our Environmental Hardware device allows you to monitor the health of a host of hardware components which includes the following:

  • CPU processors
  • Memory
  • Humidity
  • Network
  • Power
  • Temperature
  • Voltage
  • Cable
  • Battery

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