Cloud Host Monitoring

One Stop Solution for all Monitoring Requirements

  • Reliable Uptime Performance Monitoring
  • Instant Downtime Notification and Alerts
  • Boost Revenue and Enhance Customer Satisfaction
  • Effortless to Use
  • Low Startup Cost

We all know that website down time is a reality. And when it happens it may harm your credibility and reputation irrespective of the type of website you have. At hostpinger we have the technological expertise to monitor your website as often as every one minute from different locations across the world and send notification alerts instantly.

In the event of a breakdown, you will be immediately alerted through various notification methods. These alerts can be sent to multiple contacts. You can also set Do Not Disturb periods during which we will not send notification alerts for lesser complex failures. We always double check before sending alerts and ensure that no false alarm is sent. As soon as the website is up again, you will be informed about the same as well.

Knowledge is power. Our dynamic dashboard provides you uptime performance statistics of your website. This helps your server administrator to gain instant knowledge and insight into the problem and prepares him handle them in a better way.

In order to boost revenue and retain customer satisfaction, it is important that your website is working optimally. At Hostpinger, we continuously strive to help you in ensuring proper functioning of your website, there by boost revenue and retain customer satisfaction. As soon as there is a break down you will notified and will be able to rectify the problem before anyone else notices.