Hardware Host Monitoring

In today’s competitive world, IT organizations continuously strive to deliver flexible and consistent IT services. Our hardware host monitoring services is a cloud based product which has the capability to manage large collection of infrastructure (like CPU’s, networking, storage) in a dynamic and flawless operating environment. Hostpinger transforms datacenters into cloud computing infrastructures by utilizing the power of virtualization and thereby helping in better IT administration. This service is more suited for data centers and server room environmental monitoring.

Our hardware host monitoring tool allows you to monitor the health of a host of hardware components which includes the following:

  • CPU processors
  • Memory
  • Humidity
  • Network
  • Power
  • Temperature
  • Voltage
  • Cable
  • Battery

You can easily monitor your host’s health status by connecting Hostpinger directly to the host. Our hardware host system is also capable of monitoring additional hardware systems in same network. It also, facilitates you to connect to any number of systems simultaneously and monitor them from a single workstation. Our system is designed to trigger notification alerts and alarms as soon as there is a change in host health status.