The Hostpinger Edge

One Stop Solution for all Monitoring Requirements

At Hostpinger we provide comprehensive monitoring solutions for smooth and efficient IT administration. Hostpinger is designed to meet cloud host, local host and hardware host monitoring requirements all at one single platform.

We Provide Reliable Monitoring 24X7X365

It is not practical for you to keep checking your website availability and local functionality all the time. Now you can rely on our comprehensive monitoring services and have peace of mind.

Effortless to Use

Hostpinger is SAAS (Software as a Service) and it is very simple to use. We update our software timely and introduce new features to enhance performance.

Instant Downtime and Notification Alerts

As soon as we discover any problem, you will be the first to be notified via e-mail, SMS or phone call. You have the option to notify as many contacts as you wish and can also select notification methods (SMS, E-mail, Phone Call) for the respective contacts.

Enhance ROI and Customer Satisfaction

In order to enhance ROI and retain customer satisfaction, it is important that your website, local machine and external hardware is work optimally. At Hostpinger, we continuously strive to help you in ensuring proper functioning of your website, local machine and external hardware, there by boost revenue, protect your reputation and retain customer satisfaction. As soon as there is a break down you will notified and will be able to rectify the problem before anyone else notices.

Hostpinger Helps Improve Website Administration

In the event of your website going down we ensure that you are alerted immediately. This helps your server administrator to gain instant knowledge about the problem and prepares him handle them in a better way.

Low Startup Cost

Our services are available at a very reasonable cost. We provide both free and paid versions. Come and experience the difference. For more details please visit our Pricing Page.