Local Host Monitoring

At Hostpinger, we provide comprehensive monitoring covering all aspects of your IT infrastructure. Hostpinger is a network performance system that is actively scans network path and quality crucial for today’s business applications. It is designed to monitor and alert you when a device is broken inside your network and whenever the outbound gateway is having problems. In the event of breakdown, you will be the first to know and we will send notification alerts through e-mail, SMS, phone call etc.

Hostpinger scans your IT network comprehensively:

  • CPU Usage
  • Network Functionality- Internal Ping
  • LAN and WAN Connection
  • Disk and Physical Memory Storage
  • Server and other Networking Devices
  • Internal Ping- Network functionality
  • Network Interface- LAN, Data card, Virtual Network etc.

Hostpinger reduces network complexity by virtualising the network and provides knowledge of most critical network parameters required by the application. With our real time traffic monitoring system you can, not only check bandwidth usage and network traffic but also react quickly in the event of breakdown. At Hostpinger you can easily customize the content of the notification alert and send alerts to as many contacts as you wish. We also have a provision of setting up maintenance schedule and do not disturb periods.