Billing Payment & Refund Policy

Billing and Payment

  • You are responsible for providing accurate and updated billing information to Hostpinger. This applies to all paid as well as free account.
  • By subscribing to Hostpinger, you give us the right to charge your credit card for fees associated with your chosen paid plan.
  • The Hostpinger Service is subscription based. You pay in advance on the first day of each billing cycle.
  • If you do not cancel your Hostpinger account, your service will be renewed automatically at end of every 30 days and you will be billed according to your selected plan.
  • You can change your plan between different billing cycles. The new billing cycle length comes into effect at the next renewal date.
  • If for some reasons, we are not able to charge your credit card for the services provided, you will be notified immediately via mail. You are responsible for making the payment within 7 days else your account will be suspended.

Refund Policy

Free Accounts

The Free plan allows you to take benefit from 50 tests absolutely free at a maximum 60 minutes frequency. Not only this, you also get 10 SMS free as part of this subscription.

Paid Accounts

If you choose any one of our paid service plans, you will be required to provide your credit card details.

The details of this card will be kept securely at our payment processor. At the end of every 30 days from your signup, you will be charged for your chosen plan.

We assure you complete satisfaction. However, if you choose to cancel your account within 14 days from sign up we would make 100% refund of the amount received as plan fee. You can still try our Free plan.

In order to seek refund or have an invoice cancelled, you need to write an e-mail to from your registered email requesting refund. Please specify your username invoice number (to be cancelled) and reason for seeking refund. Upon receiving the request, we would issue a confirmation mail which acts as receipt of refund request.